Remembering our Engagement

All the memories that are making this the most special time of my life.

first wedding-planning-related gchat status

…one thing about planning a wedding AND trying to end domestic hunger at the same time is that you feel totally justified sitting on the couch in a state of paralysis with a jar of nutella.

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So much love

In preparation for all of these events, especially the engagement, so many people are doing wonderful things for us. My dad built two picnic tables today! This was just so we could have a rustic nice set of tables to serve food. It’s so wonderful… I’m extremely touched. We have to do something super special for our parents!

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Square numbers

I particularly love that the major times you remember, look up, and post as your g-chat status the number of days til our wedding, it is always a square number. Yes, sure, you have done it in between, but I’ve found a pattern here and I like it. Just go with it!

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Just standing on the metra admiring my beautiful ring! 3 months later and I am still just as excited as the first day to see it.

Still thinking about how much fun we had last night… Not to self, go out and play more often!

On my way to meet a potential decorator. Let’s see how it goes, I may pick up some ideas at the very least!

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Break night

Last night was the best night I’ve had in a while. After a day at your parents place for your father’s birthday (where the company and food were amazing), we were debating whether to go do more invitations, pass o, or do something fun.

We probably should have gone straight to sleep having been up for ages over the last week, but we opted for fun. It was totally the right call.

Oh man. I was cracking up all night! We went to Norse, a bar up by my apartment. We drank too much, chatted with the bar tender, even played jenga! We were feeling so good that we messed around in the car. And yes, on a Sunday night, hit up the Pick Me Up, our late night drunk spot. Grilled cheese!

Ok, i was like 3 hours late to work today and slightly hangover. Totally worth it!

You told me you were telling your boss that you weren’t afraid of having kids because it would be with me! That made my night.

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And clearly the registry is only for me.

"Are throw pillows the ones where you have to put them on the bed when you make it and take them oft again when you try to get in bed?"

"he loves waffles. Babe, do you want me to register for a waffle maker?"
"Um no.. But you can register for some waffles…"

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love is not grammatically correct

You know that family friend of mine that always sends weird one-line emails? Well today he sent one that said “Where did you meet your going to be husband?” And I really loved that one because it said “Going to be husband.” Because you are going to be my husband. And I love anythin that reminds me of that. Despite the misuse of idioms, it tingled my heart! (Another misuse of idiom, get it?)

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I love the playfulness and newness we keep alive between us. Just a few examples in the last days:

  •  You sending me an adorable text saying “I’m glad your parents live in Green Oaks because that way you’ll say “green” for life. Eeee”. Because you think the way I pronounce my Es is cute. And I think that is cute!
  • I wrote a to-do list last night and when I woke up I saw little “I love you!”s written on it. Which makes me feel like we just fell in love – and I hope we always have that new romance.
  • Sex in the kitchen. Yes, it was super sexy even though the counters are a little high 🙂
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What happened to painting the town red? Now we paint the floor red. By accident.

Calligraphy. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. For example, last night the entire bottle of red ink decided to fall on your carpet after midnight when you were supposed to be studying. So we ended up essentially shampooing the carpet about a hundred times, used about 4 rolls of paper towels (and I don’t even use them at home), and a whole bottle of resolve. Still red ink came. Finally we had to leave it alone… I guess we will eat some of your security deposit. It was pretty annoying, but here is why I loved it.

You were a complete gentleman about it. While we were initially both on our knees blotting up the evidence from the scene, you leaned over and kissed me. Both to say “it’s ok, I’m not annoyed that you spilled the ink” and also to say “unrelated to this current activity, I love you and wanted to kiss you right then for the sake of a kiss itself.”

Every now and then you would say things like “this is fun.” At first I thought you were trying to make me feel better, but then I realized you were actually also genuinely having fun in one way – we were making a life memory. The way having everyone over for dinner and cleaning up the dishes a couple of weeks ago reminded me of the life we were going to have together, all the exciting and everyday things we will share all rolled together, this was reminding you of the same. I’m lucky that somewhere in there you share that sentimentality and can find the momentous in the mundane.

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Venue shopping… again… :)

Yesterday we went venue shopping again. Ok, it was a little frustrating… but hey. We may not get every single feature we ever thought about, but we’re getting married and it’s going to be amazing. Getting Oberweis Ice Cream next door to Meridian Banquets made my weekend. Wow, what a dingy venue… but totally worth it for the banana shake and cookie dough explosion bowl. Yes, and an explosion of cookie dough it was. We ate it in the parking lot of the banquet hall, sitting on your car (or I was sitting, you were standing). It was like a movie! You kept kissing me with your ice cream mouth. Mmmm and it tasted so good.

Remember when we were driving down Route 60 and you observed, “wow this is a really open road”? Well I do. I said “Do you think it could seat 350?” And you said, “Is there a good spot for cutting the cake?” The combination of amusement and self-mockery was just what we needed at that moment. Go team.

Before we had set out in the morning, we decided to grab a bite to eat. While we were waiting for our table at the Bongo Room, you said, “let’s go to the thrift store.” And within 5 minutes we both picked up everyday clothes and had the same thought – why do we ever buy things anywhere else? I love that you are like that – you are not hung up on what you’re supposed to be doing or buying. You just do what you like and what you think is right.

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