Remembering our Engagement

All the memories that are making this the most special time of my life.

Dreaming big dreams

on June 25, 2012

This weekend was a little escape. We went up to a wedding in Wisconsin for my manager at work. I loved being with you and showing you off to my colleagues. Everyone rightly thought you were the nicest, most handomest, wonderfulest guy there aside from the groom.

I loved getting away. It got us dreaming a little. The wedding was on their farm, which they own and manage, and live on during the weekends. Even though it was aspirational, I loved hearing you say that you’d love to do something like that. Because I would too, and it’s fun to share those kinds of ideas. I mean sure, we have to have a whole financial planning discussion at some point. But right now this is all we need to be doing. Talking about what ifs, sharing ideas and dreams, holding hands and just saying stuff. We’re both generally serious about planning life and being responsible, so I know we’ll be fine – that’s why I give us free licesnse to talk about farms all we want!

Right now you are showing me listings of properties around the area. I love that you get curious about the details and look into everything – your mind says "if there’s an angle here for us let me find it." And that makes me so confident in our life together. Plus you just like exploring options. And to me that is fun. It keeps th is whole other perspective alive that I can be exposed to at any time. You make an adventurous and thought provoking partner – which is important for someone like me!

I’m not at all worried about us balancing our various priorities in terms of our budget. Yes, we are going to have differences. But we are both committed to doing what’s best for our family first and foremost, and if we keep that in mind we will be able to come to compromises and respect each others’ perspectives. I know that we’ll always keep an open mind when exploring what’s worth it and what’s not in our budget – especially open to learning more about what the other person is saying.

I’m excited to build and open, honest, marriage where we both make decisions together and feel included and equal. I love you more than anything and I know you feel the same way – so we have the main ingredient already there.


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