Remembering our Engagement

All the memories that are making this the most special time of my life.


on June 16, 2012

Hello there. Tonght Anne and Lindsay came over to help with invitations. It was actually really fun to just kick back and make it a social event.

Everyone loves our invitations, which makes all this work so worth it! I’m glad that people are noticing the calligraphy, too – Anne even noticed the spacing of the zip codes 🙂 I showed Anne the dresses you have picked out for me and she was SUPER impressed. I still of course have to wear that teeny one, which I would love to – and I’m positive after reading this, you will be reminded it exists and create an occasion for me to wear it!

My mom and I had lunch today at PF Chang’s (love those lettuce wraps) for our mother-daughter meet-up to give me another installment of the bottom drawer. This time was from France – Provence and Paris. Such beautiful things. I can’t wait to travel abroad with you and explore. You were a perfect companion when we went to Mackinaw, so I can only imagine what a team we will be covering new countries!

Just thinking of you, handsome. You know you are my favorite thing in the world!


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