Remembering our Engagement

All the memories that are making this the most special time of my life.

Venue shopping… again… :)

on May 21, 2012

Yesterday we went venue shopping again. Ok, it was a little frustrating… but hey. We may not get every single feature we ever thought about, but we’re getting married and it’s going to be amazing. Getting Oberweis Ice Cream next door to Meridian Banquets made my weekend. Wow, what a dingy venue… but totally worth it for the banana shake and cookie dough explosion bowl. Yes, and an explosion of cookie dough it was. We ate it in the parking lot of the banquet hall, sitting on your car (or I was sitting, you were standing). It was like a movie! You kept kissing me with your ice cream mouth. Mmmm and it tasted so good.

Remember when we were driving down Route 60 and you observed, “wow this is a really open road”? Well I do. I said “Do you think it could seat 350?” And you said, “Is there a good spot for cutting the cake?” The combination of amusement and self-mockery was just what we needed at that moment. Go team.

Before we had set out in the morning, we decided to grab a bite to eat. While we were waiting for our table at the Bongo Room, you said, “let’s go to the thrift store.” And within 5 minutes we both picked up everyday clothes and had the same thought – why do we ever buy things anywhere else? I love that you are like that – you are not hung up on what you’re supposed to be doing or buying. You just do what you like and what you think is right.


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