Remembering our Engagement

All the memories that are making this the most special time of my life.


on May 13, 2012

We took our parents to see Bridgeport Art Center yesterday, and then I had everyone over for dinner to celebrate Mothers’ Day.  Our families fit right in together, and of course my mom loved your sister. Although I was frustrated at first that Bridgeport wasn’t going to work out – the costs were just too high – that quickly melted away with the great company.

You were so supportive of me through the whole dinner, asking if I needed help, and it made me feel special the way you were showing me off. I am glad your family liked my style, or at least valued it, and I found it so touching that they said they needed someone like me in the family with an artistic sense.

Having everyone over like that was a taste of what married life might be like with you, where our families come over and we hang out. I was exhausted from the day, still jetlagged, but being with you afterward and doing the dishes, even though I didn’t talk much, filled me with excitement and a great sense of peace that I get to do this with you throughout my life.


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