Remembering our Engagement

All the memories that are making this the most special time of my life.

a great night

on April 21, 2012

Last night was awesome. We met up and went over to Japonais for dinner, but on the way stopped off at your work bar that you always go to with your colleagues and I finally met someone you work with that you’ve talked about a lot! It was really nice to put a face to the name. Plus he was really sweet, so I was glad that you have great company at work. Japonais was also a lot of fun – I’m glad we finally made it out there. We couldn’t keep our hands off of each other though, since I’d been out of town a few days, and we were getting a little naughty at the table. Oops!

You also noticed that I was much more laid back about the topic of our exes coming up, which happened really naturally. I have always known that after getting engaged, I would loosen up a lot and be less sensitive to things. But that decompression time didn’t happen over night – it happens slowly as I allow myself to feel the security I know I have. So thank you for noticing.

We talked about your potential plans to enroll in a certificate program. I loved being able to talk to you about what you want to do, what your aspirations are. You told me you wanted to have a grad school application package that would allow you to get into schools outside of Chicago… and I know you meant because I want to apply to schools out of state. It means the world to me to hear that you are thinking about our future together that way, that you understand and think about the interdependence of all these different factors. I don’t expect either of us to have the answers or know what compromises will need to be made, but we are starting off from a place of thinking as a team and that goes a long way. So I know things are going to be great no matter what happens.

After dinner we went to meet up with your sister and her fiance, which I was really excited about because I haven’t seen him since their engagement weekend about a year ago. The crazy realization is that I probably won’t see him again until they are married – which is 6 days before we will be married. Just let that sink in! We had a great time just talking over drinks and being silly. I’m really glad to have that kind of relationship with them. It is going to make life really fun. Also everyone seemed super cool about our weddings coming up back to back, and I appreciated that so much. I feel a little shy talking about it, so thank you for thanking them on our behalf! Also, thank you for the naughty present on the drive from the city to meet up with them, which you gave me by sliding your right hand down my jeans while you were driving and going to work…

So needless to say when we couldn’t find parking when we got back to my place, you told me you’d go park the car somewhere while I go inside and maybe slip into something. I put on a little thing I know you like, and we had a very very wild next hour or two.

I’ve just come back this morning from an orientation at the community garden where I am going to have a plot. You were sleeping when I got back but woke up when I came in and smiled. You wanted 10 more minutes of sleep and I asked, aren’t you hungry? You said “No, I am a robot. I want naps. Feed me naps.”

Which is obviously a ridiculous comment, but the point is that you always put things in such funny or pleasant ways that it’s hard to get ruffled about it. And I am learning a lot from you about how to do that.

Also I love that you are sleeping in my bed right now and I could walk iin and kiss you at any time. I just layed there this morning running my fingers through your hair and thinking about how much I love just seeing the back of your head when you are sleeping.

We’re off to look at wedding venue number 5 today, and I pointed out it is down the street from Wildberry… cocoberry salad in my tummy please now. And then tonight is our big night at Pensiero! 3 years together… I can’t believe it and yet I can’t imagine it any other way.

So all in all, we are fucking awesome and life is amazing. I am living exactly the life I would have wanted for myself, and it’s all because you are in it!


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