Remembering our Engagement

All the memories that are making this the most special time of my life.

Venues and venues and venues oh my!

on April 15, 2012

We started looking at venues this weekend! My favorite part was when we were driving back from Garfield Park Conservatory and you said “this is fun.” Because it was. I have to say the whole process was a pleasure. Aside from the dull disappointment of the conservatory being blatantly too small (though at first I tried to argue for how it could all fit), this process only showed me that as long as you and I are planning this together, and as long as we love our reception, it doesn’t matter where we have it. We loved the South Shore Cultural Center, and we loved the Harold Washington Library. I started to get a better idea of what matters to you… and it turns out it’s mostly the same as mine. That everyone can fit comfortably without being sectioned off, that the ceilings are high enough to feel spacious, that there is some natural decor in the space itself, that it fits within the general cost range. So, ok, we’ll find that. We already have two great options. I was also so happy that we are on the same page about finding a date that doesn’t compete with Thanksgiving and Christmas, to the extent possible. I just feel like we are really in sync about everything, and that when we think we’re not, we take the time to listen to each other and understand what we want.

I thought it was really sweet that you want to try to pitch in for something, even though my parents will definitely not let us. I also truly appreciated the way to showed empathy and concern when I felt a little overhwelmed with how much my mom was talking to me on the phone. You told me how much you appreciate what I’m doing for our wedding, and that meant the world to me. I find pleasure in doing these things, but I also find pleasure in thinking that you will notice and feel especially loved. Because you are the most loved person in the world.

Shopping for venues together made this all feel so so so real. Not that it hasn’t already felt that way, but we were actually looking at places to stand in front of all our friends and be recognized as a married couple!


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