Remembering our Engagement

All the memories that are making this the most special time of my life.

Wedding diet: Abort! Abort! Abort!

on April 9, 2012

I LOVE binge weekends with you. I know it’s bad. I know we’re trying to get in shape for wedding events, generally trying to be healthy people, lower cholesterol, be proactive, etc. etc. etc. You know I am 100% supportive of your diet efforts.

But I freaking love it when this happens:

Friday night:: Let’s meet up with our friends. But I’m not going to drink. We can go get nice salads out somewhere beforehand. Actually let’s go to the harvest bar at Zed451. Meh let’s just get wine. We’re not going to get drunk or anything. Oh the cheeses and breads look so good… just a few… but no dessert. That means we are awesome!… Later at the club,… let’s get a few drinks. We’re dancing anyway!

Saturday morning: Yes, we had a 10am appointment. But I wanted you to get some rest so I cancelled it while you were still asleep… and we just snuggled it up til 11 when I got up, and you stayed lounging til 1pm. Mmmm indulgence!

Saturday night: What do you want to do for dinner tonight? I can make some nice healthy food at home, like mexican salads or soup or something. Or we could just get pizza… deep dish pizza… and after a lot of back and forth over the next 6 hours, pretending to consider salad seriously, we order a massive deep dish. Complete with an RC cola liter that we polish off.

Sunday morning: Perhaps the major reason for suspending rules this weekend is that we were going to be doing brunch anyway with my family. My family bails, and we go to brunch anyway! Mimosas? Yes. Dessert? Yes. Ahhh, I love live.

Sunday afternoon: After getting back from brunch, we were both going to have super productive days. We eventually did (and each stayed up til 2am), because we decided to take a 15-minute snuggle/nap. Oh how I love Sunday naps with you! It has been such a long time… and 2 hours of snuggly snoozing later, we finally got up. We fell asleep all tangled up, which is the absolute best. Ahhhhh!

Ok, ok, we did get a lot of wedding planning done. We looked at invitation designs, made a short-list of venues… life is good! I only wish we could always cancel our morning obligations. Let’s be sure to take advantage of Sundays as much as we can!


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