Remembering our Engagement

All the memories that are making this the most special time of my life.

Mmmmm last night

on April 5, 2012

After getting all those beautiful roses at work yesterday, I wanted to treat you to something last night. So I did a workout to get my muscles working, took a hot shower, blow dried my hair to full volume, put on that little black bra and panties set you gave me last year, a little black satin robe, spritzed some perfume, lit the candleablras, and waited for you to come over.

I was already turned on by the time you showed up, and the fact that you were wearing a new shirt that I’d never unbuttoned before made it worse. Let’s just say it was a great next hour… it was definitely “us” in there, getting crazy. Us – 1. Wedding planning – 0.

Afterward we laid in bed for hours just talking and snuggling up. We even had a good down to earth and actually loving, happy, romantic conversation about our breakups in the past, something that’s been a hot point of contention until now – the story we told each other is that it made us stronger and better for each other to go through all that we have.  And you know what? That is helping me leave it all there, in the past, seeing how great we are together and how easy it is to lie there with you baring my soul and receiving so much love in return.

And then you played air guitar, naked. Yes.


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